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The new millennium arrived with a bang. Boom time in the Australian technology markets, stocks were going through the roof. But at the Vehicle Design and Research Laboratory in Sydney all of the investor capital was spent and there was zilch to show for it. VDRL’s last intern, Julina Ganessa, had eloped with all the data, muttering about lack of openness in research, vowing to release everything into the public domain.

The winter sun, bright but no warmth, was setting over the neighbor’s rooftop as Grandpa Fulton rose to light the logs in the stove. Grandson Joe Fulton murmured a cuss under his breath, struggling with another pile of homework.

“Tough assignment again Joe – anything I can do to help?”

“Maybe Grandpa, History essay this time. How did explorers like Columbus and Magellan navigate the world? You were in the Navy weren’t you Grandpa? How does the captain know where the ship is?”