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Grandpa Fulton, as always it seemed left to do the parenting, was helping Joe put on his Halloween costume, a robot suit comprising two cardboard boxes covered in tin foil and decorated with assorted electrical dials and gauges that Grandpa had found in the attic.

“You know, Joe, your costume reminds me of Halloween 1931. Now that was a night to remember.” Grandpa Fulton commencing another of his old timer reminiscences, Joe a captive audience, it’s very difficult to escape when wearing two oversize cardboard boxes.

“Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached” (Hindu sloka)

Passing women porters, some sauntering, gigantic terracotta vases upon their heads, others resting under banyan trees, the branches falling down like melted wax, Percival Head-Wood, musing to himself, wondered if for the natives, or maybe even the banyan trees, the summer heat before monsoon was unbearably hot too. Percy pulled his mind back from reverie; yes, the heat was sweltering, but he was starting on a mission for King and Country, he must pay attention.