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The new millennium arrived with a bang. Boom time in the Australian technology markets, stocks were going through the roof. But at the Vehicle Design and Research Laboratory in Sydney all of the investor capital was spent and there was zilch to show for it. VDRL’s last intern, Julina Ganessa, had eloped with all the data, muttering about lack of openness in research, vowing to release everything into the public domain.

The Cienega Expressive Therapy Center can be found in a small log cabin a few miles off the main highway from LA to Palmdale. Sited upon a groundwater spring it’s a small green oasis amongst the scrub and desert along Canyon Road, with a welcoming homestead feel, ducks and geese roaming free in the yard.

Today Ashlin Geres arrived in a positive mood. She’d considered drama therapy, but it was too close to home, so settled on expressive writing. During the first session Ashlin was warned the therapy would be intense and emotionally draining. But right off the bat all she’d felt was release, freedom, her troubles lifted and gone. Dr. Jakschetz had changed everything in her world.